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Real chat

Normally this blog is written in spanish but I wanted to take the chance this time to write something different. As being in Hong Kong and writting my blog in spanish, I guess the success in here is small compared to the people following me from many other countries especially those speaking spanish language.

Yesterday had the chance to meet some people I follow on HK twitter community and it was a great pleasure to enjoy a good dinner and while we talk, though I must say I wasn´t especially talkative as my first time knowing all of them except Fernando that I met him shortly in a coffee time before going for my holidays in Spain. I am a good listener but I promise to participate a bit more during next meeting 🙂 From here I would like to thank all of you: mochachocolata, coffeemeow, spikehk, hypercasey and jasonbonvivant, nice to meet all of you and have a real chat after all these months of following and tweeting each other. I am sure we will have more chances to get together and also welcome more people to join us.

Just to mention that when I was recently back to my home town, I wish I had more time to meet spanish tweetps but unfortunately seems the time passed by so fast and wasn´t able to meet any of them. Hope for next ocassíon I have better schedule and organize an interesting blogger chat as I had last night.

When you think about Hong Kong and realize it has a population over 7 million people, some people may think is so big that you are not able to know everything about the city or the people living in it. Once you are here, you can feel is kind of more small community in some aspects, but maybe because of the western side. I wish my written and spoken chinese (cantonese), though I am able to talk mandarin (not too fluent, but able) would be better to read more local blogs or talk with the people, but I will try to keep improving and get more involved. Also, the social media, blogs not so developed as it should, maybe because the people on top do not know about the reality beneath them and what really people needs or wants.

As I write for pleasure and enjoy sharing my experiences, feelings.. with all my readers, no matter which language they speak, all are welcome. This also makes me think about the language, should I turn into english writting? or maybe make a bilingual blog, mmmm… To money or not to money?

Many questions in the air were left and sure more yet to come. Though internet has helped us to be more connected in many aspects, face to face will not be substituted, yet. This make things more human and close.


Normally this blog is written in spanish but I wanted to take the chance this time to write something different. As bein...

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